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Plants in Vitro: Theory and Practice, Vienna, Austria; February 8-10, 2016

Plant Genes and "Omics": Technology Development, Vienna, Austria; February 10-12, 2016

Dr. David Zarkower, University of Minnesota Medical School
"DMRT1 and control of gonadal cell fate, from genomic to atomic scale"
Wednesday, February 24, 2016; BLS 402; 4:10pm
Hosted by: Jon Oatley, CRB Director

Dr. Rebecca Simmons, University of Pennsylvania 
"Epigenetic Programming of Type 2 Diabetes"
Wednesday, March 9, 2016; BLS 402; 4:10pm
Hosted by Dr. Min Du, Animal Sciences, WSU

Dr. Julie Kim, Northwestern University
Wednesday, April 13, 2016; BLS 402; 4:10pm
Hosted by Dr. Jim Pru, CRB Asst Director/Animal Sciences, WSU

Dr. Bruce Murphy, University of Montreal
"Orphan Nuclear Receptor Regulation of Reproduction"
Wednesday, April 27, 2016; BLS 402; 4:10pm
Hosted by Dr. Jim Pru, CRB Assistant Director/Animal Sciences, WSU

CRB Retreat and NWRSS; June 2-4, 2016; Philamoth Scout Lodge, 660 Clemens Mill Rd, Philomath, OR 97370; (541) 929-7619

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