Participating Faculty

Joseph Dalton

Joseph Dalton

Department:Animal & Veterinary Science, UI
Credentials:1999 - PhD., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University-Animal Science
Office:Caldwell R&E Center
Mailing Address:Caldwell Research and Extension Center
University of Idaho
1904 E Chicago St. Suite A-B
Caldwell, Idaho 83605
Website:Click here

Research Interests

Reproductive Physiology

Research Summary

Dairy research (and Extension) efforts focus on increasing the efficiency of AI in cattle. I am currently investigating 1) Pre-synchronization of dairy heifers to reduce input costs, 2) Heat detection accuracy of AI technicians working with heifers, and 3) Effect of sperm dose on pregnancy rate per timed AI in Brazilian beef cattle. I am also a member of a multi-institution (Washington State University-University of Idaho-University of Florida) team attempting to 1) identify genomic loci associated with fertility in dairy heifers and cows, and 2) transfer technology regarding novel approaches for improving fertility using genetic selection tools. 

Research Publications

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